Logistics & Rescue | Disaster-Relief

How to supply food, water, tents, medical care etc. and how to rescue people if roads are blocked, bridges destroyed or everything isunder water? How to rescue people buried under the ruins of their collapsed buildings after an earthquake?

CargoLifter 's AirRescue Systems are a revolutionary solution, using for all missions theair road. The CL RSQ-350 is a self-propelled balloon, able to fly in material and even pick up people from roofs or trees, in a similar way as helicopters, but without a big “fan”. But how many helicopters are available and how long are they able to fly? The CL RSQ-350 costs a fraction of one helicopter and can be in operation for days!

In case of an earthquake the CL RSQ-350 can be converted to an onside AirCrane lifting the debris from the ruins. Our weightless, air-based system allows to work from the top of collapsed buildingstherefore the upmost pieces can be lifted first without further endangering buried people!