Oceans & Rivers | Ship-to-Shore

The harbour is too small or too shallow. There is no appropriate unloading equipment. The roads from the harbour area are too small for your outsized unit – or there is even no harbour in a reasonable distance or ... If you face such challenges, why not unload straight from ship-to-shore at some point close to destination?

The CargoLifter AirBridge works from one side of a river to the other. Why not going from ship-to-shore using the same principle? For the CargoLifter system it is all the same. Ship-to-shore means no costs for the harbour and no transport out of the harbour! Save time and money by unloading at the nearest point of final assembling! At open sea, the uplift of the CargoLifter balloon system counter-balances the ship's movement due to the waves. At rivers, the changing level of water is irrelevant for the air-based CL balloon systems.