Bridging the Gap

Your tasks are too high or too far for a crane to solve? The roads are not good enough for vehicles and helicopters are too small? CargoLifter can bridge these gaps by applying the oldest way of airborne transportation, lighter-than-air (LTA) technology. We supply standard or customised solutions for lifting and transport of goods on critical terrain and in remote areas to customers worldwide. Profit from our unique expertise and save your time and money!

CargoLifter consultancy and detailed feasibility studies will identify the best solution for extraordinary transport problems. We have engineered a range of products, employing a modular toolkit of proven and certified components for a high level of synergies and flexibility. Continuous development will lead from tethered balloons over self-propelled units to full-fledged airships. Starting at 250 kg lifting capacity up to 60 tons and more, from short- to long distance, depending on customer requirements.

“The air is an endless ocean which touches the door of every house. This ocean needs a workable airship which is able to sail this ocean."
Sir George Cayley, 1816