Visualisation | Transport & Assembly | Wind Turbines

Next to the height of the towers, the length of the rotor blades of modern wind turbines creates extreme transport problems. How to get a more than 50 m long rotor blade around the curves of a winding mountain road? Take the CargoLifter balloon crane system and lift them into the air!

There are places where the only way to produce electricity is by running diesel generators, with the fuel transported over long distance. Producing power on-site with windmills would be an option, but there are no accessible roads to transport the windmill parts or the cranes for assembly.

CargoLifter can provide innovative concepts to solve this problem! Especially for stand-alone solutions we can bring in the blades and elements for the tower and even lift a 60 t gondola with a 20 t BCS! How this works – contact us!

But even before that, CargoLifter can help the wind industry with its solutions:

A wind power plant is planned. But there is disagreement, which will cause these system for the environment, for the scenery. With the CargoLifter VisiBall wind turbines can be visualized during the planning phase and without interfering with the natural conditions of the location - realistically and live.
Yield Measurement
CargoLifter can support in a further step in the planning as well. The masts for wind energy measurement, as the plants themselves, are always higher. A conventional crane can be rarely used because of the terrain conditions. Helicopters are rare. Here can we offer a cost-effective alternative with a variant of CL MK-250.