Welcome to CargoLifter

CargoLifter offers unique and sophisticated solutions for lifting and transportation of goods on critical terrain and in remote areas by lighter-than-air (LTA) technology. Using the air as infrastructure allows us to go higher, further and lighter than anyone else.

If there is no other way to go or when the going gets toughget us going!

HLO fundraising campaigns

The Humanitarian Logistics Organization e.V. (HLO) has once again launched fundraising campaigns for its AirKules. After the purchase of its own AirKules from CL CargoLifter was completed, training for the HLO team has already been financed with donations. Two further fundraising campaigns have been launched on betterplace.org, a platform exclusively for charitable organizations, for further training and the purchase of an 8m balloon specifically for this purpose.

If you are looking for a suitable target for your donations, a donation to the HLO makes particular sense.