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Long Distance Transport | The CL AirShip | The CargoLifter

Based on proven and certified components of the AirTruck product range, CargoLifter can develop and build a full-fledged AirShip. Suited for extremely over-sized loads of more than 60 m and payloads of more than 80 tons, with a flexible load bay for various industrial components.

As a rigid airship, it would follow the proven design of the "Hindenburg", still the largest airship in LTA history (apart of the sister ship LZ-130). The CargoLifter AirShip will be optimised for long distances up to 10,000 km, carrying any kind of cargo and components in its extremely large and flexible load bay.

As an extended version with a special load frame we will reach the level where we once started - the CL 160 flying crane. This will be the top of a wide product range, starting from small to large and for short to long distance – as an ideal solution for each market segment.