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Self-Propelled | The CL AirTruck

Frequent transportation into areas without roads, railways, waterways or runways sometimes poses permanent problems. The CargoLifter AirTruck is ideally suited for ongoing operations in remote areas. As a true lighter-than-air vehicle with full hover capability, the AirTruck is designed for short to mid-distances.

Initially almost round like a balloon, additional versions can be produced elongated for more uplift and better drag. A rigid structure allows efficient processes of production, while its modular design facilitates enormous flexibility to tasks and market requirements. Growing step-by step, capability starts at 20 tons and 500 km range to 40 tons and 1,000 km. "Reduced to the Max" without any gadgets or gimmicks, this carrier will be a true CargoLifter, designed to perform.

Various studies indicate a global market of hundreds of airships of this class. In a period of five years after sufficient funding, we can develop, build and certify the AirTruck. As a global product, it needs an international consortium to secure funding, certification and insurance.