Advanced Solutions

Modern lighter-than-air (LTA) technology can lead to significant improvement of existing assembly processes or in design of future industrial components. To find out if LTA is the best solution for your problem, try us! CargoLifter customises and operates specific systems according to your needs. Our unique expertise can solve your problem or even open up new ways to do your business.  

Benefit from our general logistics consultancy. We check your specific project or your logistics scenario – also step-by-step, beginning with a free online inquiry, possibly leading to an initial consultancy followed by a full scale feasibility study in case LTA is applicable to your case. We can support your project at any level with our services.

CargoLifter can immediately provide solutions based on commercially certified balloons. The CL MK 250 AirHook as the smallest system and the CL BCS 1 as AirCrane or AirBridge are readily available standard products. 

On top of that, CargoLifter offers a whole range of options and configurations for customised special projects engineering. Thereby, combinations of different systems based on the same one balloon are possible. Reconfiguration takes little time and effort, allowing multiple horizontal -as well as vertical- operations.