CargoLifter AirHook CL MK250

Our product range starts with a mini-crane, the CargoLifter AirHook CL MK250.
It enables one person to horizontally transport and lift up to 250 kg over hundreds of metres, fully tethered on a guiding system and remote controlled. Thus, it bridges the gap for transporting materials from e.g. the edge of a roof up to hardly accessible spots of installation. It is suited for ongoing renovation or construction on wide roofs, stadium tops and the like.

Based on a certified passenger balloon with a diameter of 10 m, the AirHook is safe to handle, easy to use and can be transported with a pickup truck or small trailer. Without any complex electrical or mechanical components, this is a robust, reliable and standardised product available for charter or even purchase at convenient conditions. Contact us for a tangible offer without obligation!

Charter ...
... the services of the CargoLifter AirHook CL MK250 via a conventional charter agreement as for any other conventional mini-crane system. CargoLifter will deliver the system, inflate the balloon on-site and hand it over to your team after final check. By request, a certified AirHook operator of CargoLifter will handle the system for you – or has your staff trained in the use of CargoLifter's mini-crane within a few days.
Purchase ...
… a CargoLifter AirHook and have it at your disposal any time. Profit from CargoLifter's full service package comprising training of operating crew, maintenance of the system including certified spare parts, the lifting gas supply and insurance. CargoLifter maintains its products during their live time and finally take them back for recycling.