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AirCrane in Action
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CargoLifter AirKules

Quantum leap in disaster relief of earthquakes and major flooding

Many countries are periodically hit by major flooding and earthquakes. Due to global warming, weather phenomena are getting more frequent and devastating, all over the world. Thousands of people have to be rescued and evacuated or supplied with water, food and medical care. Based on proven Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) technology, CargoLifter has developed a modular rescue system for multiple use: AirKules™

It supports first response search- and rescue operations related to disaster relief – night and day, 24/7 – until heavy equipment can advance to the site of operation. AirKules™ is a combination of a robust gas balloon, portable winches for positioning or ultra-light electric engines for propulsion. The modular configuration leads to four systems, combined underneath one balloon:

  • AirHook™ to position equipment in the air, stationary and long time, for observation, telecommunication and illumination of disaster areas at night
  • AirCrane™ for removing debris or rescue of people directly from above, without vibrations
  • AirBridge™ to bridge impassable terrain and gaps or unload equipment directly from ship to shore
  • AirRescue™ to rescue people from flooding or transport stuff and equipment into disaster areas