Special Projects Engineering

Based on the results of consultancy and feasibility study, CargoLifter supplies customised solutions to solve your problem. For lifting and transport of goods on critical terrain and in remote areas, CargoLifter creates unique solutions.

The spherical balloons allow different configurations for a variety of tasks, for loads up to 60 tons, heights up to 200 m and distances up to 50 km. In order to realise such a project, it will take about one year of planning and preparation.

More complex systems, such as the AirTruck and the AirShip with rigid structures have payloads from 20 - 80 tons, reach altitudes up to 3,000 m and a range up to 10,000 km. Projects of such scale require three to five years of development, construction and certification, after sufficient funding.

For smaller applications, there is no real need for a full-size airship, though! CargoLifter will provide to the market a complete range of products based on lighter-than-air technology. From small to large, from stationary operations to long distance transport - just what you need, not more, but not less!