CAD AirCrane
Mounting of tower

Height & Outreach & Precision | The CL AirCrane

Conventional cranes are limited by their height and boom outreach. The CargoLifter AirCrane overcomes these limits and can thus supplement existing craning solutions. Due to the lighter-than-air (LTA) principle, the AirCrane maintains its lifting power even with large outreach, if necessary. It can operate in unstable or difficult terrain up to wind speeds of 10 m/s and requires only a minimum of infrastructure. Due to the CL software for steering the 3 or 4 winches, it allows very precise positioning.

CargoLifter has proven in many years of development and testing that the AirCrane can operate under same weather conditions as conventional cranes. It is able to position any load with high accuracy, with possible lifting capacities of 5 - 20 tons.