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Consultancy for Advanced Logistics Solutions

If your project encounters limits with conventional options of lifting and/or transport, contact CargoLifter! We offer unique expertise at all stages of planning and operation.

Our consultancy begins with the analysis of your specific requirements regarding lifting or transport. This phase includes the analysis of your components (units, weight, size etc.), the regular process of handling those units (handling, time, costs), the local infrastructure (roads, mapping, obstacles) and geographical data (climate, winds). Based on these information we perform a basic survey regarding the potential use of LTA (lighter-than-air), check the general technical layout, identify the key investments and establish a preliminary cost analysis for using our systems.

At this stage, the use of LTA is objectively regarded as an addition, an alternative or a possible solution. If LTA is offering an interesting technical and economical perspective, we propose a detailed feasibility study as the next step. Otherwise we will recommend other adequate and innovative technologies for the solution of your extraordinary problem.