Feasibility of LTA-Solution

If our consultancy leads to a positive conclusion regarding the application of lighter-than-air (LTA) technology, an in-depth examination of the scenario takes place in form of a detailed feasibility study.

We will thoroughly analyse technical- and operational requirements as well as time restrictions, investment and operational costs.

This feasibility study also includes risk evaluation, environmental aspects, project duration as well as comparison of the costs using CargoLifter LTA systems compared to the traditional handling. The costs of LTA can only be defined after identification of the solution, since any cost allocation must be linked to the duration of the individual project.

CargoLifter is experienced in conducting such feasibility studies according to the requirements of international market leaders!

To check LTA technology for its technical and economical perspective, only a fraction of the overall project costs have to be invested. CargoLifter then develops customised solutions tailored to suit your requirements, if you wish.